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4-5 Gray’s Inn Square is a leading public and commercial law chambers. Our core areas of law are: public, commercial, planning & property, dispute resolution, international, regulatory & disciplinary and sports.

We are committed to the provision of creative and practical legal advice responsive to the commercial needs of our clients. We have a reputation for excellence in all of our practice areas. Our barristers are supported by a first class clerking and business management team.

Diary of a Pupil

08:45 Get into Chambers – say hello to the Clerks, check pigeon hole and catch up with Pupil Supervisor.
09:20 Call from the Clerk asking if I am able to do a hearing in three days’ time (Pupils are expected to be ready for anything, so the only answer is ‘Yes’, unless there is a diary clash, but the clerks usually will not book you in – note to self: this is simply a courtesy call).
09:30 Begin drafting an Opinion on whether or not an Election Petition has any merit.
11:00 Conference call with a client relating to a large share transaction and possible break-up of an international company (note to self: Pupils always take the notes).
12:30 Lunch (one of the good traditions maintained at the Bar is to take a proper lunch. For the most part I have usually had lunch at one of the Inns of Court, unless of course Christmas or Summer Vacation interferes).
13:15 Back to continuing to draft the Opinion on Election Law.
15:50 Urgent matter (‘hot off the press’ type of moment) appears and I am asked to drop everything to assist a team of an established Senior and Junior lead by a QC, relating to re-drafting part of the constitution of a commonwealth Country.
18:55 The team call it a day, with a view to resuming discussions and drafting in the morning.
19:00 I review my ‘To-Do’ list and print off a copy of the Opinion on elections that has been typed up so far and decide that I can continue working on this at home, as the deadline is not for another two days.
19:20 Say goodbye to the Clerks (take Bundle which has now arrived for the hearing in three days and leave it on my desk to look through possibly tomorrow afternoon) and leave Chambers.
21:30 Re-read the Election Opinion and continue drafting. An email has come through for some non-urgent legal research on Judicial Review which I note down and let the Member know that I will get this to them after I have finished the Hearing in a few days (noted down and added to ‘To-Do’ list).
23:00 End of yet another varied and busy day in this Pupil’s life.


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