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Practice Summary

 One of the elite, whom local authorities instruct for definitive answers.’

Legal 500 (2016)

“He is simply magisterial; he’s impressive, understated and knows the law like the back of his hand.”

Chambers & Partners (2015)

Timothy Straker QC has a wide ranging public law practice. He has made multiple appearances at the highest levels in the United Kingdom. He has acted for London Boroughs and Greater London Authorities in relation to large scale projects (Cycle Super Highways, Regeneration, Housing etc)

His work frequently relates to large projects, often associated with regeneration and active involvement by local government or government bodies. This work generally includes compulsory purchase. He will appear later this year in the Court of Appeal in respect of the compulsory acquisition of land surrounding Tottenham Court Road, he played a substantial part in both Crossrail and HS2 as they proceeded through Parliament, a different configuration of Romford Station was achieved. He has promoted major housing schemes particularly schemes involving mixed use town centre redevelopments. He has detailed experience in regeneration in both urban and rural areas.

He has detailed knowledge of election law. He acts for returning officers and the Electoral Commission in referenda, European, parliamentary, mayoral and local authority elections. He has acted in all the major election cases in the last twenty years. He has acted for London Boroughs and the Greater London Returning Officer.

He has undertaken major planning inquiries for promoters and authorities including London Boroughs. These extend from Compulsory Purchase Orders and Inquiries in the Docklands to  51 Storey Developments in the East End. He promoted a major scheme near Enfield Lock and has pursued the biggest railway developments in recent years notably a new line from Oxford to Marylebone. He promoted the first new bridge over the Mersey for many years; it is now under construction and will be opened in 2017. This is a multi-million pound project involving very substantiation acquisition of land and rights.

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Local Government

Timothy Straker QC has acted for most local authorities in England and Wales, he is well known to the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives. He is known for his work in across the whole range of local authority life, which is particularly useful in the promotion of schemes by Local Authorities of which many examples can be given.


Timothy has extensive experience in planning Law, he has been named planning silk of the year. He has promoted and resisted many substantial proposals, involving office, housing, minerals and transport. His wide spread experience of environmental assessment and large infrastructure projects is complementary to his planning work as is his substantial court work which includes the leading cases on environmental assessment.


Timothy Straker QC was planning/environmental silk of the year in 2009/10 and again in 2015. He has acted in leading environmental impact assessment cases both in the Courts and at Inquiries. His experience was recognised by engagements in respect of environmental impact assessments in Greece and in Trinidad. He has acted in respect of recycling and waste generally.


Timothy has appeared in the all important election cases of the last twenty years. He has acted for returning officers throughout the country and has appeared for the Electoral Commission. He has been closely involved in the elections for the Greater London Authority ever since the body was created. He has presented petitions in Trinidad and sat as an election commissioner. He acted for a Greater London Returning Officer and Returning Officers across London Boroughs generally.


Tim appeared in major infrastructure cases both for promoters and interested parties. He successfully promoted a new bridge over the Mersey, substantial expansion of Felixstowe, the creation of a new container terminal at Harwich, a railway between Felixstowe and Ipswich and a new railway from Oxford to Marylebone. He has promoted urban regeneration in Enfield, West Bromwich and Dartford.

Judicial Review

Tim has appeared in multiple Judicial Review cases. He is authorised to sit as a deputy High Court judge across the whole Queen’s Bench Division including the Administrative Court and the Planning Court

Recent work includes:

Major Infrastructure and other Proposals – London Cycle Super Highway, HS2, Crossrail, use of Battersea Park for Formula E Racing, New Railway from Oxford to Marylebone

Housing: Recent work includes proposals at Stevenage for up to 10,000 houses; intervention in Cala litigation in Court of Appeal; Milton Keynes, Kensington and Chelsea.

Minerals: Ardean Quarry, Stirling, Scotland; Fuller’s Earth, Bath, old mineral permissions.

Retail: Morbaine, Kendal; White City, Dartford, West Bromwich

Enforcement: Polytunnels, Travellers, Aircraft Testing Noise, Dance Studios, Basements, Garden Squares


Joint Head of Chambers 2002-2015, Head of Chambers 2015 to present

Member of Governing Council of Malvern College


Justice of Appeal, Court of Appeal of the Falklands
Deputy High Court Judge
Election Commissioner


Administrative Law Bar Association
Planning and Environmental Bar Association
Admin Court Users’ Association
Parliamentary Bar Mess


Northern Ireland
Trinidad and Tobago


Malvern College
Downing College,
Cambridge University


Downing College Prize for Law
Senior Harris Scholar
Holt Scholar
Lord Justice Holker Award
Environmental/Planning Silk of the Year


South Eastern


Election Law & Practice
Public Records
Local Authority Powers


Chambers & Partners, 2014:

Recommended leader in Administrative and Public Law: “a polished and persuasive advocate, who is a good team player and a pleasure to work with” (2011 ),”clear and pragmatic advice” and “calm and productive approach” (2013) ; Planning Law: “He is a thorough and excellent tactician, and an excellent advocate” (2014 ) “very clever High Court advocate who has enormous authority” (2008) and “Known for his intellectual acuity and commands real respect in the court room” (2009), “exceptional intellect and highly effective advocate [he] hits the mark every single time” (2010) and “a pleasure to work with, [he] shines when a case requires someone with a colossal intellect and urbane advocacy style” (2011); “a smooth advocate” who “commands respect due to his impressive level of expertise.” “Highly intellectual,” (2012), “judges the court and the judge very well and adjusts his submission accordingly.” “always been very approachable, responsive, easy to deal with and accessible.” (2013) Environmental Law: He is very good on strategic issues in a case and can give you a very good steer about the best way of dealings with things” (2014) “He is lovely to work with, affable, has a lot of time for you, is patient and shows attention to detail. He’s a superb practitioner” (2014)”…it is a joy to watch him take and develop an argument. His measure tone and immense brain serve him well in the complex cases he takes on” (2008) and “man of many and varied talents is most appreciated for his magnificent courtroom skills” (2011 );”a very charming and persuasive advocate,” who “maintains excellent relationships with local authorities.” Local Government: “Has an enviable local government practice and has widely recognised strength in electoral law and vires disputes. He is particularly strong on procurement, funding and community care matters” (2014) “He is described as a formidable player who cuts straight to the point and gives clear advice to clients” (2014) “an outstanding silk who reputation permeates local government circles across the UK” and “praised for his expertise in election law where he is many people’s number-one choice, he offers speedy turnaround of papers and polished persuasive advocacy” (2011); “A good team player who is a pleasure to work with,” (2012). “the local authority powers man.” (2013)

Legal 500, 2012:

Recommended leader in Administrative & Public Law: “an impressive local government and election law practice” (2008), “produces knowledgeable advice with sensitivity” (2009) and “immensely easy to deal with” (2010);”Timothy Straker QC has the ‘ear of the court‘”(2011) Environmental Law: “rated very highly” (2008) and “excellent in-depth knowledge” (2009), “At the top of his profession, Timothy Straker QC is unfailingly courteous both with clients and opponents, but also a formidable cross-examiner”(2011) ; ‘a thorough and excellent tactician’ (2012).Planning Law: “very highly regarded” (2007), “undertakes the client’s commercial imperatives” (2008) and “really understands how to win a case in court” (2010).

Legal Experts, 2012:

Recommended expert in Administrative & Public Law, Environmental Law and Planning Law

Planning Magazine

Planning Law Survey 2012, top rated silk


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“4-5 Gray’s Inn Square boasts a number of extremely talented barristers”

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