Mediation at 4-5

Enquires & booking process

+44 (0) 20 7404 5252
1. Please contact,
a) Mediation clerk, Tom Grove 020 7404 5252, or,
b) Clerks generally, 020 7404 5252.

Our clerks will be happy to discuss the mediation process and the next steps leading to the appointment of a mediator. If you would like a more detailed discussion about mediation, they will put you in contact with one of our mediators, who will answer any queries you have at no charge.

2. We will ask you to provide us with details of the dispute, and we will then suggest appropriate mediators. We can arrange a mediation at very short notice if required.

3. Mediation fees will be discussed and agreed with you, and any other parties to the dispute, and a provisional booking will then be made.

4. You will be provided with an Application Form containing such details as have been provided and for completion by you and/or by the other party(s) to the dispute, confirming the appointment. On receipt of the completed Application Form the mediation will then be confirmed in the mediator’s diary.

5. A copy of the 4-5 Mediation Agreement will then be sent to the parties, together with Particulars of the mediation incorporating the information provided on the Application Form.

6. The Particulars of the Mediation will include details of the timing for the exchange of mediation statements and agreed mediation bundle, and for the provision of these to the mediator, as well as details of the agreed fees and the venue for the mediation.

7. As soon as you have selected a 4-5 mediator, and after receipt of the papers, your selected mediator will be available to discuss any issues or queries you may have, and will contact each party for a pre-mediation discussion.

8. You may find answers to other queries you may have about our mediation service, by going to frequently asked questions.

9. 4-5 Mediation Group actively seeks client feedback, and we welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have which would help us improve our service.

10. 4-5 also operates a complaints procedure, available on request. A complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction, made orally or in writing, to a mediator or to a member of staff. The relative seriousness of a complaint can be difficult to assess, however we assume that all complaints are potentially serious and therefore all complaints should be recorded and analysed.

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