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Planning Inquiries

The planning system relies a great deal upon the public inquiry system. Inquiries take place throughout the country, usually at the offices of the local council. Most inquiries are presided over by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State, although the Secretary of State remains the ultimate decision maker in some cases.

Together with public inquiries, many planning and property appeals and disputes are resolved by written representations or informal hearings. Barristers at 4-5 advise clients on, and represent clients at all levels of such appeals and disputes, up to and including major inquiries into nationally significant planning proposals for such things as the expansion of airports, rail-freight interchanges, motorways, bridges and housing schemes.

Other similar inquiries in which members of Chambers specialise include compulsory purchase inquiries, village green inquiries, highways inquiries and rights of way inquiries. Many members of Chambers are accredited to the public access scheme, and so may be instructed direct by the client without the need for a solicitor or other professional intermediary.


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