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Jane Lambert Contributes to Helen Tse’s book on Brexit

Jane Lambert has contributed to Helen Tse's book on Brexit. Please click here to view the book.


4-5 Gray’s Inn Square – The General Election 2017

Retaining the 4-5 Gray's Inn Square Election Team - Election Law Poster


Just where does Mrs May’s Speech leave the Unified Patent Court?

[caption id="attachment_560" align="alignleft" width="115"] Jane Lambert[/caption]           In her Lancaster House speech of the 17 Jan 2017 (the transcript of which can be found on The Independent's website) the Prime Minister acknowledged that "Britain might at times have been seen as an awkward member state" However, there is one policy upon which we have [...]


Rupert Beloff writes about Gender Verification in Sport

        Rupert Beloff's article entitled 'Gender Verification, Hyperandrogenism and Athletics - A Moral Maze' explores the history of gender verification in sport and recent developments. It is published in Sports Resolutions' Sports Arbitration Handbook 2017-18. Click here for link


Satinder Hunjan QC contributes to LawInSport feature on Key sports law cases of 2016

[caption id="attachment_1730" align="alignleft" width="115"] Satinder Hunjan QC[/caption]           A year like no other! Click here for link: Key sports law cases of 2016 - UK & Ireland   Satinder undertakes some of the most complex and valuable sports injury, clinical negligence and personal injury cases that are litigated. Most of the cases which he is involved with have [...]


Anti-Social media – By Athelstane Aamodt

[caption id="attachment_1048" align="alignleft" width="115"] Athelstane Aamodt[/caption] Athelstane Aamodt examines the new CPS guidance on cases involving communications sent via social media. The law has long been concerned with what people can and cannot say publicly. As long ago as 130AD a Praetor’s Edict (a proclamation of Roman law) held that shouting at someone contrary to good [...]


Drones: flightpath to the future?

[caption id="attachment_566" align="alignleft" width="115"] Joseph Dalby SC[/caption] [caption id="attachment_587" align="alignleft" width="115"] Ruhi Sethi-Smith[/caption] Joseph Dalby SC and Ruhi Sethi-Smith examine the many legal issues that may flow from increased drone use. Drones are rapidly being seen as a feature of the near future, because of the dramatic rise in their private use in the UK. Suddenly, anyone [...]


Blowing in the wind – Athelstane Aamodt & Michael Paulin

[caption id="attachment_1048" align="alignleft" width="115"] Athelstane Aamodt[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1552" align="alignleft" width="115"] Michael Paulin[/caption] There has been something of a frisson in the world of employment law with the judgment of the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) in the case of Kilraine v London Borough of Wandsworth [2016] UKEAT/0260/15/JOJ (26 January 2016). The judgment of the President of [...]


Environmental Barrister of the Year 2016: Timothy Straker QC

[caption id="attachment_520" align="alignleft" width="115"] Timothy Straker QC[/caption]           Finance Monthly Law Awards


Non-domestic rate collection: never too late? By Marc Samuels

[caption id="attachment_944" align="alignleft" width="115"] Marc Samuels[/caption]           In the first of his three-part series on debt recovery, Marc Samuels revisits the circumstances in which local authorities can issue late demands for non-domestic business rates. National non-domestic rating (NNDR) recovery is a chore for local government practitioners for a variety of reasons – pursuit of the often unknown [...]


Does Panama furore distract from main issue?

[caption id="attachment_508" align="alignleft" width="115"] Philip Hackett QC Financial Regulation[/caption]           Legal World News 15th April 2016 New Law Journal “Hyperbole” surrounding the Panama Papers disclosure may be obscuring the main issue of multinational corporations’ tax arrangements,  financial regulation QC Phillip Hackett says... Click link below for full article.  


Jane Lambert Speaks with Kluwer Patent Blog

[caption id="attachment_560" align="alignleft" width="115"] Jane Lambert[/caption]         European Union, Unitary Patent, United Kingdom, UPC ‘A Brexit will not necessarily delay the start of the Unitary Patent system’ Hopefully the United Kingdon won’t jeopardize the Unitary Patent project with a vote to withdraw the European Union, [...]


Phillip Pattterson features in Insolvency Intelligence

[caption id="attachment_666" align="alignleft" width="115"] Phillip Patterson[/caption]           Indefinite suspension of discharge from bankruptcy - a worrying trend? Insolvency Intelligence - Full Article


Guide to development consent orders

[caption id="attachment_666" align="alignleft" width="115"] Phillip Patterson[/caption]           Brian Hurwitz of the Sharpe Pritchard planning law team, and Phillip Patterson of 4-5 Gray's Inn Square, look at legal and procedural requirements for obtaining development consent orders ("DCOs") for a development that is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project ("NSIP"), as dealt with under the Planning Act 2008 [...]


4-5 Gray’s Inn Square becomes first chambers to adopt ‘CV-blind’ recruitment

      The Lawyer - "4-5 Gray’s Inn Square has become the first chambers to adopt a CV-blind application system for all barristers and staff. The move, which launches today (9 November) means the public and commercial set will view all applications from new members on experience alone, and not be made aware of their gender, [...]


Richard Clayton QC contributes to ‘The UK and European Human Rights a Strained Relationship’

Hart Publishing have just published an important book on this topical and contentious issue edited by Katja Ziegler, Elizabeth Wicks and Loveday Hodson. Richard has written a chapter on whether the English courts under the Human Rights Act should mirror the Strasbourg case law. The book is based on a symposium held last year [...]


Court of Protection judge hands down key ruling on joining P as party

A Court of Protection judge has handed down the latest major judgment on whether P must be joined as a party to proceedings in deprivation of liberty cases where they are in supported living or their home and so outside the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards regime. Mr Justice Charles’ ruling comes after the President of the [...]


Insurance Act 2015 – A Guide for Insurers and Insured Parties – By Ruhi Sethi

[caption id="attachment_587" align="alignleft" width="115"] Ruhi Sethi[/caption]           The Insurance Act 2015 received Royal Assent on 12 February 2015 and comes into force in full on 12 August 2016 after a transitional period of 18 months. The 2015 Act signifies the greatest statutory change to commercial insurance contract law for over one hundred years. The most notable changes [...]


Clear water emerges between Mitchell and Denton – by Phillip Patterson

[caption id="attachment_666" align="alignleft" width="198"] Phillip Patterson[/caption]   The recent judgment of the Court of Appeal in Michael Wilson & Partners Ltd v Sinclair [2015] EWCA Civ 774 definitely confirms that Denton v TH White Ltd [2014] 1 W.L.R. 3926 marked a departure from the principles set down in Mitchell v News Group Newspapers [2014] 1 W.L.R. [...]


Judicial Review of the Copyright Exceptions

by Jane Lambert. Judicial Review of the Copyright Exceptions: British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors and Others v Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills. Judicial-Review-of-the-Copyright-Exceptions.docx


David Hughes – Equal marriage after the US decision

      David Hughes writes for Gibraltar Chronicle Gibraltar Chronicle full article  


Joseph Dalby & Ruhi Sethi explore the legal implications of increased drone use

Last week the House of Lords called for an EU-wide register of drone owners, or remotely piloted aircraft systems (which are part of the wider category of unmanned aerial systems/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)). Last month, drones were spotted over Paris landmarks, at obviously a very sensitive time. In January, Scotland Yard declared central London a [...]


Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights

A Concise Guide for Businesses, Innovative and Creative Individuals Jane Lambert


Richard Clayton QC

Clayton and Tomlinson The Law of Human Rights (3rd edn, Oxford University Press, in preparation) Clayton and Tomlinson (with Nick Bratza) The Law of the European Convention on Human Rights: A Practitioner Text (Oxford University Press, in preparation) Clayton and Tomlinson Civil Actions against the Police (Sweet & Maxwell), 3rd edn, in preparation) Clayton and Tomlinson Judicial Review [...]


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